I am Michael, the good son of the Allen family of Yakima, Wa. One of the best sporting families in the state of Washington, and all the United States.

Here are some of our awards: brother1- LEN--

About 2 months before Mom died,(on-Friday-December 13, 2019), this is a 38 minute video that I took of our complete morning routine. Getting her out of bed - getting her into the bathroom,cleaned up, and dressed - -Getting her breakfast - Her Morning walk - and into her chair for the day. This was a very tough and taxing part of my life (almost 13 years). by Michael Allen.

Pictures of Mom and her flower gardens!

My name is Michael Allen, I took care of my mother with no help from any of my 5 brothers. I took care of her for almost 13 years, all the way right up to the day she died in December 2019. I really could have used some help from my family.

Below you will find some pictures of her and some of her gardens, including some of Bonehead and Fluff the cats!

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